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Game development news

There's been much progress in rpg maker mv editing :) Here are several game jam games that can be played in browser with relatively small file size. The gameplay ranges from around 20 - 45 minutes,

And I've been editing my webpage trying to make it look nice. I've been spending a lot of time editing the battle and item systems, trying to give the game a bit of a punch of sound effects as well as fluidity of gathering items and battling enemies. There are lots of new features such as shooting animations, defense items, healing items and status effects, enemy AI, etc. But I haven't made a new game yet. The scream zone game jam #9 starts tomorrow. I'll try and edit a really good project for it.

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An RMMV game created during the Scream Solstice 2019 game jam :)

Evil eye

I'll be posting work in progress of zombie game here I'd post it all on social media but there's sort of a lot of it and I'd like to be able to do much editing Brainstorming https://animalactors5.wi



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