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  • Jeremy Smith


The hospital chapter has a fully playable intro and action sequence.

Cristy and Jeremy chapter has new scenes and all sorts of mechanical tweaks.

Here's a list of edits (spoilers):

Fire extinguisher to break doorknob, gotta wait for gramp

Throw flowerpot, does nothing lol

Throwing books does nothing

Trying to hit zombie with fire extinguisher is too hard, get killed

Pushing zombie is a slow stall, only works half the time

Player bleed after bit, bloody animation

Short time to search the room

Go out window is death

Turn lights out and hide in locker or under beds buys time, but zombie will reappear

Hallway is death

Sandra checks the intercom before stepping back

Zombie breaking in will interrupt and kill

Bullets can't travel through walls Player can hide in various objects to escape zombies Player can shelter behind doorways Zombies can detect player from further distances if lights or flashlight are on Zombies go toward gunshots / loud noises Zombies cannot detect player around corners Edited room objects so bullets won't get stuck Editing hit point system Bullet collision more accurate Synchronizing alert / battle music to enemy attacks

Flashlight cannot clip through walls Zombie alert sound and balloon defaults edited Added more animals More audio balancing, fade ins, piano and e piano Balancing weather sounds

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