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  • Jeremy Smith

a summary of focus

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

enemy code and all sorts of stuff is finished puzzle science dialogue touch soul inventory horror character reality action environment extended chords, 5/4, melody, ensemble, contrast, stereo field squirming, squammoing, shredding, evil eye, ghoul face pulsations, foggy dusty dead plain, sublime treading, torn open dimension

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Game development news

There's been much progress in rpg maker mv editing :) Here are several game jam games that can be played in browser with relatively small file size. The gameplay ranges from around 20 - 45 minutes,


An RMMV game created during the Scream Solstice 2019 game jam :)

Evil eye

I'll be posting work in progress of zombie game here I'd post it all on social media but there's sort of a lot of it and I'd like to be able to do much editing Brainstorming https://animalactors5.wi


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